Aspirators & Liquid Handling


Aspiration for every budget

There is an Aspiration system available for every budget, varying from a simple to an automatic system where the vacuum pump stops when the vacuum is reached. Hettich’s Aspiration systems are easy to install and can optionally be fitted with a nozzle using a Luer-Lock adapter which allows the attachment of a Pasteur pipette. Attachments are also available with 1, 4 or 8 channels. A foot switch is also an option. Hettich Aspiration systems are available with bottles of 2 or 4 litres.

The extraction speed depends on the model 8, 17 or 25 liters of air per minute. With the additional nozzle it is possible to adjust the extraction speed with the aid of a rotary knob. The automatic aspiration system can be connected to several (up to 4) bottles and extraction points. 

For easy cleaning, all the aspiration system bottles are fitted with a quick lock adapter so that the vacuum tubes are easy to remove and the bottle can be easily emptied and cleaned. The bottles are also autoclavable.

Available Accessories Include:

Optimising laboratory processes

The Samplify P autosampler from Schmidt+Haensch allows for the automatic, precise filling of S+H instruments - to fully support liquid handling daily workflow and high sample throughput. It is compatible with all S+H refractometers, polarimeters, density meters and colorimeters:

  • Automatic cleaning and rinsing cycles. 
  • Particularly developed for pipetting and dosing small volumes. 
  • Four customisable sample trays. 
  • Configurable parameters (sample volume, number, cleaning solution volume etc.) and settings depending on sample viscosities. 
  • Adjustable piping system and various capillaries. 
  • Powerful z-axis facilitates puncturing protective septa to maintain high levels of sample purity and long-term stability. 
  • Instant feedback of measurement values and data storage. 
  • Facilitates wireless communication to laptop / tablet. 
  • Adjustable cleaning regime with integrated membrane pump for the drying the complete fluidic systems. 
  • 50ml syringe, needle, adapter, tubing and needle washing unit.

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